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What’s lurking under YOUR home?

If your house has a crawl space, when is the last time you were in it? Often the most neglected part of a home, most people do not realize how important a professional crawl space restoration is for structural protection, energy efficiency and environmental health.

Moisture issues in the crawl space can damage wood and insulation, leading to dry rot and decay while creating conducive conditions to infesting pests including Wood Destroying Organisms such as termites, carpenter ants and moisture ants. Standing water in your crawl space also provides nourishment to a variety of other pests including rats, mice, raccoons, and snakes, especially if there are open entry points leading from outside.

Before our technicians perform any work, we prepare the entire area and path leading to your crawlspace. This helps protect the rest of your home from further contamination. There are many benefits of having your crawlspace and attic reconstituted. First and foremost is the peace of mind homeowners experience knowing that their home is better insulated (saving money on energy bills) and free of not only rodents, but also secondary pests such as carpet beetles, flies and mites. A clean and insulated attic and crawlspace enhances the efficiency, health and safety of your home and family.

Once inside the crawlspace, our technicians will remove all contaminated insulation, vapor barrier, debris and rodent or other animal carcasses. During this process, we use a HEPA filter vacuum to maintain a healthy environment and eliminate the possibility of air contamination. Once we have thoroughly cleaned the crawlspace, a decontamination-deodorizing spray is applied to further sanitize the crawlspace. All contaminated insulation, vapor barrier and debris will be bagged in specialized disposal bags designed to trap all contaminants.

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