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Got Mold?
What is mold and where does it come from? That is often the first question people ask when they find out that they so have mold in their home that is affecting their health. Black mold is the most toxic and dangerous mold of all.
If you experience problems with your home, such as leaky pipes or a leak in your roof, you will not have to ask What is mold. The answer will be readily available if you do not take steps to dry the area out completely. Mold grows rapidly where there has been a flood, especially if the drywall or carpeting in your home gets wet. You do have to make sure that the underlay of the carpet is dry.
It is the common cause of such respiratory problems as asthma and bronchitis. In fact the Center for Disease Control cites 100 respiratory illnesses that can result from black mold. When you start to research what mold is, you do have to include the signs of black mold so that you can make sure your home is completely safe for your family.
And in particular in our bathrooms and showers and other wet areas. This isn't just limited to water lying around areas of high humidity are prone to growing mold and black mold, as are areas that are prone to occasional flooding or leaks. 
Removing mold-contaminated materials in the wrong way, you could contaminate the rest of your home, mold spores is considerably easy transported to other areas of your home.

 We do mold removal and remediation, such as drywall, wood paneling, flooring etc,.. conducting such jobs the right way, performing all work within containment with negative air pressure enclosure, treating affected areas With mold cleaning solution and mold barrier… 
Conducting mold air testing at the completion of the job.
We also do crawlspace an attics treatments.